MoJo number 30

its Mojo time again! this one was for valentines. Use the phrase My heart belongs to----- or use the phrase For the love of-----.. so I used my heart belongs to...BUD

Yeah yeah I know I have kids but relay this one don't talk back, don't eat too much, or complain. LOL yeah I'm evil I guess. But really when you buy a little dog they sure take over not only your home but your heart too. Sorry for the poor picture it was dark outside when I took this so I had to use the flash

Lonely Valentines.

With my hubby gone for work I had a lonely Valentines.

I made my boys a cake and gave them chocolate hearts. We then drove to Knights ferry for a walk in the sunshine. I was so mad I took my camrea but my SD card was in the computer at home... but thank goodness my cell phone takes decent pics. It was so pretty and green there. The sky was awesome looking and it was nice to be out of the house. It had rained the day before and everything was so fresh. Scotty told me he LOVED walking through nature.

and I made a doggy hat for my moms DIVA boy dog Baxter is it wrong I crochetd this in church?? LOL

so thats all I did for Valentines candy and a walk in the outdoors.....

OK Valentines day is fast approaching and *sigh I'm alone this year.. BUT that didn't stop me form making some cards for my online friends. I will get those in the mail Monday girls..

So I wont say who gets what but here are some of them...

Don't you just LOVE that cute little fox and birdie? they are from Imaginisce and I'm telling you the Twitterpated line Is one CUTE line. Omg I saw that little fox and birdie when I walked into Suzy's store and I had to have them!
Here is their link if you wanna go say AWWEEE

My Cousin and I drove to Fremont to a crop This is the shop owner I'm telling you they are a wonderful and fun bunch of people! Here is her store website if you wanna check it out..
Anyway I didn't really get much done.. I did the mojo challenge that cousin is gonna post next.. I got a inside tip on it so I'm done already.. and I made ONE other page
using my Friendly forest line papers..

But mostly I roamed the store looking at all the fun stuff to buy.
My heart was broken when the new Glimmer Mist colors were not there UGH oh well maybe next time!!!