haha My kids are out of school already for summer.. We have had a very unusually cool spring and our weather does not feel any where near summer yet.  Usually we are in the 80’s to low 90’s right now.  Today our high is forecasted to be only 73*   I'm not complaining I love the cooler weather.  Our summers are usually so long and HOT that this is really quite nice.  My husband whom loves the heat is complaining about it. 

Our garden is coming along nicely.   This is the first summer at this house and we weren't sure where to plant a garden.  Most of the yard that gets full sun is the front lawn.  I wanted to take out the front lawn but being renters we just cant do that.

So we put a small one in on the side of the drive way.  I was thrilled when I noticed the neighbors across the street had put one in the alley.  Talk about using what you have.

This pic was taken on 5/18


It don’t look like much now but it is growing… Because I took this picture on 5/25 with the cell and you can see a difference esp. in that zucchini.. that stuff grew an amazing amount in a couple of days.



So I've been busy outdoors with planting stuff.  I have 15 pumpkin plants that came up.. I hope they all live.  Three are in this area and the rest on the side of the house..

I have made two pages..


this one came to be, because my sister said oh look at my little family of 2 how sad.. we were all taking group photos on Easter.  I personally feel a family is a family no matter how many or how few.  No matter if it’s a Single mom or dad, a Blended family, or if its two moms or two dads.  Whatever you choose to live in, raise your kids in and be HAPPY in.  That to me is a Family.  So I did this page for her.  I loved the pic from the moment I took it.


Then My cousin Marie.. AKA Bettie scrapbook Gave me a pile of Teresa Collins papers in the welcome home collection.  I loved the page that had all the frames on it and was thinking how fun it would be to put pictures in the frames and place them as if they were on a wall.  I don’t know why but that Idea popped in to my head and I couldn’t get it out.  So this is what I came up with.



I dug out the most wall paper-ish looking Patterned Papers I could find. It came out sort of how I envisioned it.  I really was wanting to use more color but everything I tried I didn't like.  I guess I cant be brave and use color very often.   Oh but I did do a colorful page a bit back I Haven't shared..



I wish I could do every page like that. BRIGHT Grab you and whack you in the head colors. But sometimes it just doesn’t feel right when you try. I want to TRY this more often.. More color and with summer on its way I hope I can get more bright colors on to pages.

Right now I prefer the antique and distressed look along with the colors that are the same. Those more brownish colors are safe to me lol..

So lets try to think out side of our little box..I'm going to TRY more color not just color but BRIGHT colors..

Oh and the above was not for any challenges at SB.com as you know challenges keep me working on pages and this month the cosmo cricket challenge was to fussy cut.  http://www.scrapbook.com/forums/showtopic.php?tid/1557523/  Here is the link if you want to check it out.  There are a couple  more days to get things in.   I hand cut the flowers and strawberry.  SIGH cosmo is my very favorite paper line.. perhaps that’s why I don’t use the bright colors much seeing how they have nice vintage feeling colors.




anyways for those that read Hang in there Summer is Near and we all might be able to pull off some super bright pages.  We will be up to our ears in Zucchini in a month or so..and I will prob. blog how I like to cook them lol