I know I haven't done a damn thing when it comes to posting or scrapbooking..

I have been enjoying summer and as I type this I'm getting ready to to retrieve my hubby from San Diego.  I'm Excited as all get out!.

So The past month has been full of river trips and BBQs what more can you ask for in a summer?

IMG_3528 IMG_3541 IMG_3463 IMG_3482 IMG_3471 IMG_3481 IMG_3507


I simply adore the river.  These were Taken at Mc. Henry ave Rec area.


We got a new member of our family.  A kitty.  Scott had been begging for a kitten so I caved when I saw this guy.  Yet to be named but I like Timmy so far.



So I'm hoping to get my ass moving on some pages after my Trip.. wish me luck