Ok so when I made the blue moon page in the last post I took some pics along the way.


I first went and rifled through my husbands tool box.  I found all sorts of fun stuff to use. 

One of them was a Ceiling light mount plate..it was a neat circle with some lines and screw holes in them.

I got some washers in various sizes

a Rubber ‘O’ ring

Duct tape

Electrical tape which just happened to be a violet color.

I had a old Priority mailer from the post office and tore that sucker up as my base.


I laid out my washers and what not in a nice pattern.  and misted them up with Graphite, and riptide glimmer mists. 

then waited for it to dry up….


awesome yeah?  who needs to buy masks anyway when you can make them from junk in your hubbys tool box…


So duct tape?  I had to decide how to use it.  Well I've been on this major flower kick lately.  Cousin showed me how to make these cute little paper or felt flowers and I thought YES so doing this with duct tape..

So first we need to make a sheet of tape.. its the basic idea for making nearly anything out of duct tape.  you have to lay out your tape sticky sides together.

See that glass mat I use its pretty vital.. If you have like a plastic table or something that would be fine too but the duct tape can really hurt your “wood”  it is pretty sticky and I do not want to risk pulling up the veneer on this desk.

so you start with a strip of tape and lay it sticky side up:



Next you take another strip of tape (sticky side down)  and lay it over half of the sticky side up tape.. you will have something like this:



Ok now do that again on the other sticky side…sorta out of focus..


Ok then peel off your tape and flip it over. Fold up the sticky sides to cover the middle of the tape..



so you end up with something like this.


Ok so now you have a strip of duct tape:


Next cut off a end to cut out a circle  Cousin showed me this.  you cut a square and then just round it out to a circle.  It works pretty good and really it doesn't have to be exact.



Ok now cut a spiral  out of that circle..leave a good sized tag in the center you will need that for glue later..


Ok now we have to roll the flowers.  Best to use like tweezerbees you do not have to hold pressure on them to keep them closed. start at the corner on the outside of the circle and twist twist it around till you get to your tag..


I hold mine like this then slather some 3in1 glue on the spiral of the flower.  pop down my tab to cover and hold it there

IMG_0572 I then yank out my tweezers cuz the sticky part of the tape kind of holds it a bit.  I bet you could stick glitter on there and have it hold pretty good..


So there you go a Duct tape flower.  I only had plain duct tape but I have seen it in all sorts of awesome colors.  Can you guess what's on my shopping list?  So I did the excact same thing for the electrical tape flowers..


I covered my washers in a single crochet.  If you can crochet its really quick.  Just use the center of the washer.. I really like how they look covered. 



SO yeah that's pretty much it.  OH yea I did have to tear my cardboard down a bit mroe as it would not fit into the page protector I wish I'd had done that at the very start.. But I had to add some purplish pink glimmer mist because I found the electrical tape later and really wanted that color pop.  all in all Im pretty happy with this layout and you can bet there will be more duct tape roses in my layouts to come :)


Ok so in a recap I just want you all to know that scrapbook supplies are not limited to he Scrapbook store.  I really want to try some flowers made out of screen material, fabric and anything else I can cut in a spiral. 

SO this week Im helping out at my LSS. Its nothing special but I do get to spend time in the shop and be out of the house. In fact I write from the shop right now. WHEEEE!

I had planed on doing a blog post with some tutorals but alas.. my pictures are not on this computer lol. anyway I will post some news and stuff.

The new mojo is up the prompt is to use a line from The Wizard of Oz. I used "How do you like them apples" Which I'm sure the scarecrow said when the trees threw the apples tho I didn't go and re-watch themove to make sure so who knows maybe I made it up in my head.

Thats my page.

I also made a page using no Patterend paper and got sort of wild and made duct tape and electrition tape flowers ha! imagine that..

The prompt over at Bluemoon scrapbooing was to use stuff from a hardware store. I kind of got carried away.. BUT I really like the tape flowers.. I think Im going to make more with the awesome colors fo duct tape they have. I used washers and all sorts of hard ware stuff as masks it was kind of fun. Then for giggles I crocheted around a couple of washers. I love doing that something so simple looks so nice. In fact last year I made necklace out of covered washers.

I Did not bring my camera today but I think I want to take a few pics of my week here in the Scrap store. It would make a fun mini-book.. I mean really its not like I get out to do much anyway so I may as well document this. Ok Folks maybe I should stop playing on the computer and go straighten racks or paper..