Mojo number 33..



I really love what the girls put out this month.  I really think everyone did such a lovely job.



I cheated on the frame  because didn't want to waste that lovely sass paper  cutting one out crooked.  so its supposed to be a frame but its more of a mat…

Come on over and play with us this time around


My first one eeekkkk It is to scrap you imaginary friend or make one up. And use a animal cracker box as inspiration.   Now I never had an imaginary friend, but I do watch that cute cartoon with my kids called Fosters home for imaginary friends.  I LOVE the cute friends on that show.  So I thought hmmmm if I could add a friend what would it be?

NINJA squirrels!  LOL I have this soft spot for squirrels.  Lets face it they are CUTE, they are FUNNY and in a ninja costume they would kick butt!

Go here to play!  Scrap Mojo  The mojo girls did such a awesome job!  I just feel like I'm not worthy to even be a part of them.   Here is my take on it.


Well Good luck if you go over and try it out!