OOH excitement

I have some good news !  I'm now a official member of Scrap Mojo!!!!

Head on over here to see myself and all the new girls :)

Scrap Mojo


I cant wait for the first challenge to go up so I can comment on everyone's pages… This is going to be so much fun..!!!!


Friday the 27th I Drove with Cousin to Suzy's  It was awesome My card was filled and I got my 10 bucks off woot woot!! I was supposed to be cropping but didn't  do much at all LOL 

I made a Yellow and Blue Button necklace…IMG_2488 and I started this page that I finished today…

IMG_2494  While I was finishing that page I made another page that I've had the idea for in my head a while now…I was cracking up when Scott gave his speech…



We went on Saturday to Arias 7th birthday I cant believe she is .  We had such fun.  It was so nice to be with the cousins and let the kids run wild.

this is David and I… I cant believe how freeking HUGE he is! I had to  twist his arm to take this pic with me LOL


Here is the Birthday girl. 


Markie LOVED the trampoline 

IMG_2421 IMG_2416

Markie Helpin cousin out of the trampoline.. he's so funny


The kids played twister  it was too cute and then the adults did it but I took pics with cousins camera :( I don't have those so I hope she posts them lol



It was so fun.  It reminded me of when I was a kid.  I love family time like this.  I cant wait for our Camping trip!  All the kids and us adults Its going to be a total blast! …


I have been seeing button necklaces on line and wanted to crochet one for myself.  This is my first attempt.  Its not perfect but I like it and I love my foofala buttons. 

I cant wait to make one using mother of pearl buttons OMG that is gonna be pretty.  I also thought it would be fun to make one using charms or sea glass…

and its delivered by UPS... LOL

Yesterday I got my new Cosmo Cricket and Glimmer Mist!!!

Doesn't Cosmo Crickets Snorkel line make you want to Bust out the Flip Flops and take off for a day that lake or beach?

I wish Cosmo would have done more with this hot little number... I adore her and the lovely vintage feel to this chickey..

I have wanted to get my hands on these three colors ever since I saw the previews by tattered angels. Mimosa is a orange with a copper and gold tone shimmer to it looks darker in the bottle but sprays lighter than dreamcsicle..
Dreamcsicle is Yummy it does remind me of the color of those ice cream bars. its a bit more orange and the shimmer is also silvery and some copper glimmer in it too.

Here is a side by side on a white scrap.. the green dot is from a diff bottle of mist that I used and it leaked a bit while shaking it..its not form the Mimosa..You can see the silvery shimmer to dreamsicle

Ok I need some summer pictures to scrap this stuff is so fab!

Ok so we did the second part of the chia pet...

Well I didnt know that the seeds soak and it becomes this GROSS seed goop!
I guess its to help the seeds to stick better but OMG those stupid seeds got on everything! as you see here its pretty much snot! UGH

But scott did well and now we wait for it to sprout... that darn thing better sprout!

So I also did two pages as well
The Mojo challenge 31 wehich can be found here http://www.scrapmojo.blogspot.com/

and this using the friendly forest line..

It still sucks my hubby being gone. The boys miss him so much. My heart aches so I cant imagine how bad it its for the kids.

We have been keeping busy with out door fun seeing how the weather has been nice.

Here are some pics from the park today. I hope spring is on its way for you I sure have been enjoying these nice days


OMG how many of us grew up with that chia pet jingle? I swear they still have the same commercials.. So my middle son Scott has wanted one for a while.. I set out to buy him one.. a Donkey one...Well I don't know about you but I find 19.99 a bit much for a terracotta head you put sprout seeds on.. call me old fashioned but really that could buy my some lovely scrap paper LOL Here is the link if you can't remember what they are..

So I was strolling in the Thrift store and low and be hold my son runs up with a Donkey chia pet! how could I say NO??? It had the seeds and everything.. apparently someone didn't appreciate the awesomeness of this gift..

So I promiced my son Id help him... Here are the pics from tonight and Ill keep you up to date on the exciting details.. lol

oh so excited

2 Tsp of seeds..

1/4 C. of water

Donkey soaking over night..

In 24 hours we get to spread the seeds and wait for the miricle to happen.

So thats been the excitement of my world right now.. but Ill be back to share more in 24 hours