has it really been this long since I made a Blog post?  I’ve got to stop doing that.


OK so Over at my LSS I entered a layout contest.  You only had to use paper they sell in the store.  I'm telling you they have a TON of papers.

Well guess what?  I totally won!!!  100_2055

Cosmo cricket helped me to win!   I won a 50 dollar gift cert.  Which I spent yesterday and got the new Cosmo Cricket  Material girl and Garden Variety along with tiny type alphas.. I have yet to break into them, but I sooo cannot wait!

Ok so for my Valentine/Anniversary (or Val-a-versary as I call it…)gift I got a new camera.  A Canon XS20!  Its no Rebel but after many hours of research I feel its the right camera for me.  I hardly could ever afford to buy the fab lenses I would so desperately want with the rebel.  At least with my lower end cam I can use the awesome zoom it comes with and be happy.  It by no means will compete with the higher end cams with those type of lenses, but I will be happy to have a bit of both worlds in the zoom and the macro..


here are a few shots I've gotten that I like as I learn the camera


a birdie in my tree



At the A&W in Modesto..




The moon



Ok so now here is a page I made at the Midnight crop last week. 


I adore those pictures of Markie.  We went to Columbia Ca and had a super nice day It was the first super sunny day  in a few weeks so we took advantage.. That and I got my camera the night before so woohoo for pictures.


IMG_0097 IMG_0048 IMG_0049 IMG_0052 IMG_0080 IMG_0083 IMG_0085 IMG_0086 IMG_0093

ok so that was a lovely day.  Anyway this poor blog post is getting long if I would just update more than once per month it would not be so bad.   

I also got some new glimmer mist but I’ll save that I guess…