I got a package in the mail.  My new Cosmo Cricket Nutmeg and Jolly By Golly lines.  OOOOOH once again Cosmo makes my heart go pitter patter!


I jumped right in with the Nutmeg line..Making these two projects.


and this goofy turkey card.  The Idea jumped in to my head after looking on Martha's site.  She had done a Christmas ornament using paper and glitter.. She coned the paper just like that.  I thought “HMM could it be a turkey if I try hard enough ?”


Well i think it looks like a turkey.



I want to start making Holiday stuff so bad!  I have that jolly by golly line sitting there.. BUT I also want to give Thanksgiving  its day .  I may just have to bust out last years holiday pics much sooner than I normally do..


Ok so that's it for now.  Oh I did use the alcohol inks to color a Christmas tree ball.  These are cheap-o Dollar tree balls I’ve had up in the cupboard since last year.  Just thought I would give it a try.  I'm happy with the results.  THO just a word of caution:  The Blending solution will eat the paint off the outside of the ball if you use too much LOL




Ok so I hope you like what I’ve posted.  :D Keep on creating !

Man time flies!  I can not believe it is November already.  October  was just a blink of an eye. We had fun with Halloween and all the decorations and pumpkin patches.  But as all that fades away into memory and scrapbook pages we march on..

It is now time for Thanksgiving.  So many people rush to get their Christmas stuff bought and up.  BUT not me.  I enjoy fall far too much to let it go at Halloween.. I want to enjoy some more easy going days before the mad rush of Christmas.

My family does Thanksgiving up right!  We do the big Norman Rockwell type of dinner.  Pumpkin, pecan, apple, and Cherry pies are made with love all from scratch.  My mom makes a KILLER cheese cake as well.   ITs all just too much fun to rush by on our way to Christmas.  I also use this time to make hats.. I enjoy Crochet which I always seem to want to do in the fall time.  I’ve been a hat making mama!



Jack was made for Cousin.  It’s sad because she asked for him a year ago.. I made one up but it was fit for a Giant! So finally I got this one done for her and she LOVES it!



I have a few more hats in the work; that I promised people and I do not want to take a whole year to get them their hats LOL..

Now don't get me wrong .. I cant wait for the  day after Thanksgiving.. while everyone else is out shopping I put up my decorations.   We have thousands of small lights that we cover every inch of our trees and yard with.  For living in a town home we do a pretty awesome display.


So any way on to scrappy stuff..

Mojo 39 Is up! click here to see Mojo  “We all need therapy...I mean admit it! It may not be Dr.Phil therapy but we all have a little in our life. I prefer the shopping kind or the creating kind but we all have different views on what helps us let go of the bad and usher in the good. Now is your chance to share what it is YOU do to de-stress.”

also use paint in some way.  I'm telling you the Mojo girls rocked this one big time!


Here is mine:

IMG_0132 Come over and play with us this month .


I’m also stalking my letter carrier.. Today or tomorrow I should be getting my new Cosmo!!  I ordered the Nutmeg line and Jolly by Golly..I so cant not wait to get these. I want to make some fall wall plaques  with the Nutmeg line I made some fun Halloween ones but they are already put away with the fog machine and cauldron..SIGH


Ok so that's it for now .. I will post up some Nutmeg goodies as soon as I made them.  :D