It has already been established.. I'm a total slacker with this blog.. I love the idea of a blog but really Facebook sort of does it all for me. 

Really the holidays stress me out.  I get over whelmed and drawn out too thin.  

So many things have changed.  I moved across town.. I am now in a older home.. No longer in a small 2 bd apt.  which is really exciting.  I have a HUGE yard.. My Teen has his OWN room.. But moving was stressful.. so much work involved with it.  I had been in my apt for 8 years.  That’s a long time and we had a lot of crap.  I moved in here just before Thanksgiving. It was so hard to go to my moms house everyday and cook knowing I had so much to do at home.  We are still living in boxes.  We had Christmas in our own home for the first time.  That apt was far too small for a tree and what not so this year the kids woke up to their own tree that Santa brought gifts to.  Smile

I have this little breakfast nook in my home that I have a vision for.  I want to make it my scrap area!!   My vision though can’t seem to come together.

I need a table and some sort of shelves.


ALSO something I did not know about old homes.. We have a seriously difficult moisture problem.  The walls are Cinderblock and while its nice and toasty inside the cold of the outside causes condensation on the walls that are outside walls.  We have learned quickly to keep airflow which is kind of hard when I’m cold and do not want a fan blowing.  I learned the hard way about the mold.. Nothing can be up against the walls.. I had a box of scrap stuff and my huge rolling tote up against the wall.  BAD idea.  The smaller totes were able o go in to the washer.. The large roller Not so much. 



Not a pretty sight Sad smile  there was some paper that had to be thrown out, I have put the tote outside I don’t know if I can even clean it seeing how its black and bleach would ruin it anyways. 

So I haven't had much time to create lately I've been battling mold, stress, and depression.   Those are my reasons for neglecting this poor blog.  Perhaps I will once again find the time.  I have to keep busy; and keep the depression I fight with daily at bay.

I feel better when I create, I feel better when I shop, I feel better when I have some awesome finds.. Like buttons!


TWO awesome jars of vintage buttons.  I also have this really cool pink tray thingy to put them in.

buttons in their home

Yes I love me some vintage buttons <3

and I will close with the only page I've made since my last post


This is for the Cosmo Cricket Challenge over at