I wanted to post his page up for http://www.paperissues.blogspot.com/ I looked at all the other lovely projects and would like to post mine as well.  I swear I am always blown away by the talent some people have.

Michaels craft store had this awesome line of paper this year called 

Recollections RAVENHEAD MANOR it is just awesome and actually goes well with the My minds eye Haunted line.  I was all over these two lines this year.  I also saw a sweet layout at scrapbook.com  by Penny lane..it is here  

http://www.scrapbook.com/galleries/527639/view/2945105/-1/1.html  I really loved how she used the little banner and totally knew I had to do it with crape paper.  Thank you so much PennyLane for an awesome Idea…

This photo was a bit blurry as it was my old camera nearing the end of its life.  But I was so in love with it, and it was a moment that really could not have been recreated. 

So any way Thank you for looking Smile

I swear I am the biggest blog slacker in the world!   So I will try yet again to update this poor thing like normal humans do.


so here it is 2 days before Halloween.  I have made many projects and pages but have not posted them and I feel it should be done right now.


I always scrap last years photos this year.. if that makes since..

so here we have Scott with his booty from Halloween night..


Melanie and Tiff carving pumpkins.. I love the haunted line from My minds eye.  It has a awesome paper bag feel and color  to it.


This is Bud Bud last year.  He is so funny he loves to go door to door and look inside peoples homes.


Markies big bar from Halloween night


I have this odd way of making many little hanger things.. Luckily my sister is more than happy to snap them up for her apt.



as you can see I love crape paper.  It gives such a fun touch and if you are careful you can use glimmer mist on it to add sparkle.

Up next is a fun sugar skull I made.  Looking back I know I could have done better but at the time I was not home so I had to make due with what I had in my scrap bag.


so yet again I promise to keep up my blog..  Perhaps it will be easier now that my hubby has a new job.  I also hope to be moving from this apt soon.  Keep your fingers crossed we need more room.