My computer hard drive crashed.  It was a dark day in the Baccus House hold.  It took a week to get the computer fixed and I lost all of my links and favorites.. :(  I'm slowly getting back to my normal on-line routine.


Today is Mothers day and I would LOVE to wish all the Moms that visit a very warm holiday.  I know today will be the best for all of you.


The past few weeks I made quite a few pages that I will share with you..

002 004 005 006 007

This past weekend was full of fun.  We had a BBQ at the park with my SIL it was just a perfect day.  Nothing beats being outside and cooking over an open flame.  :)

IMG_1718 IMG_1719 IMG_1721 IMG_1724 IMG_1731 IMG_1733 IMG_1739 IMG_1740 IMG_1741


So that's about it for today I'm going to enjoy the rest of my Mothers day and DO NOTHING :)