I went Thursday to drop my hubby off for work in this far off place Called Thermal Ca. OMG that's so far form here. Nearly 500 miles away It was a LONG drive.

I'm very very Thankful my lovely Cousin Marie came along with me. I could have never drove home alone. There is not a whole lot to look at on that drive

I was in the back seat while my husband drove and Ill tell you even tho I have a large Dodge truck that back seat sucks for a ride that long. My back was killing me and so was my ass.

There wasn't much to see along the way

SO I left my darling hubby and made the long trip back with cousin. We did stop at one place. It was a fruit yard and I was not all there and didn't take a pic of the front of the place.
Here is cousin picking out some fruit isn't she lovely?

so yeah we had a little fun on that long trip. I have to tell you I'm thankful for family and that my cousin could come along. I really needed a co-pilot for that trip. I so owe her one!

I wish Id have had more money to play with then we could have stopped some place really fun. Or maybe headed into L.A. and saw the Hollywood sign. OR in a dream world go for a taping of The Price is Right... man that would have rocked! But I had to get home to my kids.