Ok if you are like me then you were wondering what the difference was between the new fall glimmer mist colors of.. Pumpkin Pie, and Jack-o- Lantern, Raven, and Cinder and just what does Haunted shadows look like?  I have the Blog post for you!


Ok I first bought some of the fall colors the day they were out.  I got Carmel apple, Cinder, Pumpkin pie, and Indian corn.  I like cinder and Pumpkin pie but then found that Tattered Angels made a Halloween stencil  pack.. Those colors were Haunted shadows, Jack-o-lantern, and Raven..

I wrote to Tattered angels asking what the difference was.. and NEVER got a reply.. I wanted to know if it was just slight change or heck the same colors in but different names..


so here we go Ill tell you what I see.

Haunted shadows is a purplish color with gold or coppery  glimmer.

Indian corn is a red plum color..with a coppery shimmer

Cinder is Black with a bluish purple  shimmer

Raven is I would say is a Deep blue, navy even.. with a bright purple glimmer

Jack O Lantern is Warm orange with kind of a green copper shimmer

Pumpkin Pie is a bit more orange with a copper shimmer

Carmel apple is a tan color with a warm copper shimmer.


IMG_4361  Carmel apple  shimmer

IMG_4355 Cinder shimmer

IMG_4356 Indian corn shimmer

IMG_4357 pumpkin pie shimmer

IMG_4358 Raven Shimmer

IMG_4359 haunted shadows shimmer

IMG_4360 jack-o-lantern shimmer


so there you go, some of the new fall colors for you to compare.  My biggest complaint with Tattered angels is of the sample colors of their products.  I also do not like how they do not tell you the color of the shimmer.  I know its hard to photograph this stuff. But that is all the more reason to post the colors of the shimmer..

But I'm kind of a nerd that way .

I hope I can help others anyway


have a scrappy day :)