I just cant say it enough.. I LOVE this time of year!   Took the kids to the regular pumpkin patch last Sunday.  SUCH fun was had.  I love to see the kids run and play.  Its great to just enjoy the season.

I took lots of pictures for my scrapbook pages :D


First off I want to share this sweet picture.  Moms Dog Daisy had puppies and this one was a runt.. Daisy kept pushing him away and burying him in the blankets.  Which is not good news if you know dogs. I had found him away from the others and put him in my bra to keep him warm.  Sadly Nature is not always fair and Doggy mommies know best this one did not make it.  It is a sad fact of nature and sometimes our hearts get in the way.



This is one of the Sisters to that little guy up there.  As you can see she is a much larger rolly polly puppy. 




Ok enough with the sad news.. 6 females are doing just fine and I will have more pictures up soon..


I also went to my cousins oldest sons birthday party It was a lot of fun..  I always love to get the kids together.






I didn’t really get many good pictures but the kids had fun none the less.


I also pulled out my Halloween stuff for decorating :D  Which I did not take photos of yet.

Well I got this one.. Markie does NOT like the decorations LOL


On to the pumpkin patch:


Tiff and I




Ok that is it for now NO scrappy goodness as of yet.  I have two pages in the works.