Well, its quickly moving in on us.  I feel really in the spirit this year.  All the Holiday lights are up.  I had that started before Thanksgiving. Here is a Cell phone picture from the corner.  We live in a town home but have quite a bit to decorate.

christmas lights 09


Here is the newest addition to the lights Scotty picked it out.  Big lots 25.00 woo hoo!

boys decoration


Sorry for the cell pictures but It was on me at the time.


This Sat the 5th is the TARP Christmas party!  EEEK I can not wait.  TARP is my Dads AA group and every year they throw a Huge Christmas party.  It’s so fun .

I made a few little things for around the house but have not had a lot of time to scrap.



Cousin and I made these cute little jars.  She found the idea here…


But we decided to kick it up a notch and light it.  I bought a drill bit for glass and we had at it.  Its much more tough to drill thru glass than one would think but It was really worth it when you see it light up.

I showed my husband and he tells me “Hmm that's a waste of a really good pickle jar.”   Which really made my blood boil.  I told him he was quite rude!


But later when my Middle son, Scott  came home  he stopped in his tracks right through the door  and Gasped “MOM that's the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen!”  Needless to say that made my day.


OOh and my oldest son David,  has wood shop.  He made this and its just perfect for my Glimmer Mist EEK I was so happy when he gave it to me.



I did manage to make two door cones.. that’s what I call them anyway.  I used the Cosmo Jolly by Golly line.  I thought these would be fun to place on neighbors doors.  HA in a perfect world.. my neighbors would prob. think it was poison or something.

IMG_0756 IMG_0755


I had a super fab. Thanksgiving.  Loved being with family and having great food.  It was really nice this year. I hope this month goes smoothly for everyone I  know and love.   It can get hectic this time of year.