Ahh as we all know I slack..so forget about why… we all know why.  But I want to keep my blog I truly do..

I've been trying really hard to keep working on pages.  When I'm not making pages I feel sad inside. 

The thought to quit making pages came to mind not long ago.  I just don’t have money for supplies.  I have run through many of my hoarded papers.  In fact the luxury of buying anything is quite far fetched at this point.  I mean really if I have 20 bucks I need to buy groceries. 

I have gotten quite creative in my pages lately.  Using less than desirable papers.  The backs of Christmas papers that can pass for non Christmas papers.   I went to the Thrift store and bought a lovely hymn book.. Now I may be going to hell for this but I have been using the pages from it on many of my layouts.  I love music note paper and it was .25 for the book.  Here is one on my tattoo page.  I try to find the song title that sort of goes with the feeling of the page which is kind of fun.


I made this cute little Easter plaque for my sister.  I had bought a cheesy romance novel (.25)  with lovely yellowing of the pages.  I know its not the best thing to tear up books but really it was a no great loss…. some no  name author and a really bad romance novel. But look at that great flower.  Thankfully my LSS has a die cut room and I was able to cut out a bunch of shapes with the die cuts. 



A second Easter plaque I made for my mother.  See the music paper… I also cut out the birdcage and eggs form vintage book page I found online.  Luckily I bought a very large ink refill kit on eBay a while back. I can print all sorts of fun stuff to use on my pages.  Like the vintage post cards.


Here is a Easter page the BG paper is actually a Christmas paper.  this was for a button challenge over at Scrapbook.com you had to use at least 35 buttons or go crazy for 75  I made that little button tree which held 45 but decided to keep adding and go for the 75.  


This was the last time my kids were dressed nice for Easter. Since then my husband lost his “good” job and my life has gone down hill ever since. But we try to keep the good.  

My kids really didn’t like the new stuff anyway.  The much more preferred to have candy and hunt eggs anyways.  So the past couple years that is all we have focused on.  Making the fun family memories… that once they are adults they wont really care or remember if we were poor.  They got candy and colored eggs to hunt anyway.


So I will close this entry with the great HOPE of updating yet again ..and it not being MONTHS away .  I know that this week we will be coloring eggs… I would like to share that process with you as well.  Think of all fun pages the photos of egg coloring will make.  

Keep creating it’s good for the heart and soul XOXO