Mojo number 29

Over here at my cousins blog Scrap Mojo...As always I think everyone should go over there and join in on the fun. She is also going to have a DT call pretty soon so you may want to keep up on that and give it a shot!

I did this one and had fun with it. I got this paper a while back and thought it looked super hero-ish..

SO my stupid white pen wasn't working very well but eh it was good enough LOL

Its not a great pic of the page as I finished it pretty late last night.

OOH OOH I also won some vintage valentines from this blog...

Pop on over and check her out she has a super cute cat LOL. Its a pretty new blog and Ive been following it since her first challenge... that I came in too late to do. I did join in on the second one its not due till Feb 1 so try it out if you have time...Ill post my goodies when I get them for everyone to see

Happy scrappin

OMG I went into Michel's craft store yesterday and was not really looking for anything; seeing how I had just spent 30 bucks at my LSS The Pampered Scrapper in Oakdale...

So anyway... I start to head back to the yarn to fuel my other love.. and what do I notice from afar?? The most adorable little squirrel!

Whats worse is he has some friends with him... a lovely little owl, a hedge hog, turtle, frog and snail!!

How could you not LOVE this paper line??? Its called Friendly forest and its by Colorbok. OMG I am in love. I have a total squirrel fetish anyway. So Ive been in a total funk and this paper made me produce a layout woohoo!

That's my Sister and Cousin way back in the 80's My mom used to take us on little day trips around our area and we went to Knights Ferry alot. We loved to collect rocks. I can even remember being able to drive through that covered bridge at one point. They don't let you any more but I can remember doing it

Sorry for the bad pics its raining today and I couldnt get outside to some good light. We need the rain so thats ok.

My middle son is 6 today SIGH time goes so fast. Im going to take him to the zoo tomorrow its just a small one local but hes never been. Today he will get to go to lunch where ever he wants. Man my kids grow too fast.

I went Thursday to drop my hubby off for work in this far off place Called Thermal Ca. OMG that's so far form here. Nearly 500 miles away It was a LONG drive.

I'm very very Thankful my lovely Cousin Marie came along with me. I could have never drove home alone. There is not a whole lot to look at on that drive

I was in the back seat while my husband drove and Ill tell you even tho I have a large Dodge truck that back seat sucks for a ride that long. My back was killing me and so was my ass.

There wasn't much to see along the way

SO I left my darling hubby and made the long trip back with cousin. We did stop at one place. It was a fruit yard and I was not all there and didn't take a pic of the front of the place.
Here is cousin picking out some fruit isn't she lovely?

so yeah we had a little fun on that long trip. I have to tell you I'm thankful for family and that my cousin could come along. I really needed a co-pilot for that trip. I so owe her one!

I wish Id have had more money to play with then we could have stopped some place really fun. Or maybe headed into L.A. and saw the Hollywood sign. OR in a dream world go for a taping of The Price is Right... man that would have rocked! But I had to get home to my kids.

ALL the fine print...

Im a total nerd when it comes to some things. I have this quirk that I have to read the fine print on stuff. Well I just got three sets of Cosmo cricket Black board shapes and alphas. On the back of the package it has pictures of what you get in the package, and tips on how to use them...

So Im reading them and thinking to myself HMM not a not to glimmer mist on these tips?? but then I check out the fine print and GUESS what Cosmo Cricket Blackboard shapes are GOOD FOR YOU!!! I can now stay on my diet and Indulge in this guilty pleasure....

I found it clever enough to blog about.. LOL so I nod my head to the Cosmo Cricket employee that thought that up. Very very clever indeed

OMG have you seen the new 2009 spring colors by glimmer mist??

TO die for.. they also have a few of their summer colors up and OMG is all I can say. Check out the new colors here....

I really really want that Mimosa color OMG its awesome looking. And the summer line has a orange thats called dreamsicle.. Isnt that supper duper yummy?
I mean, with names like Lemon Meringue, Cherry Limeade, and Sherbert..It Makes me HUNGRY for some summer pictures to scrap.

So anyway I hope you all have a lovely day today and Ill get some more posts up in a while. :D

Ah yes I moved.

Thats just easier than trying to decode how to get rid of my last header. HA