WOOHOO its time to drink a beer!  Well in my neighborhood anyway.. I decided for Mojo 34 “Cinco de mayo inspired..If you had a day to call your own and party like a rock star what would it be and what would u do?..2nd Use cinco de may decorations as inspiration”


Now I was drawing a total blank on something I would make up for my own.. there are already so many parties and holidays that I love to celebrate.  So I just made stuff for this one.

IMG_2694 IMG_2693

The beer cap bracelet was sort of a idea that jumped into my head.  It didn't come out exactly as I pictured it in my head but then again nothing ever does..

I think Ill try again with a different bracelet design.


the card I gave to a girl friend up the street.  I knew she had a pretty good since of humor, so I wasn't  worried she would get offended with the little hat there … actually it was quite a hit.   I still feel like this card needed something but I really couldn't come up with what and ran out of time so it was was given as is..


I haven't done much of anything lately I've been in a total funk for some reason.  I have been bad on my diet not following weight watchers points and stuff.  I don't know why but I'm being silly about it all.  I know I want to do the program but some times I get so childish over food.  I really think food is the toughest addiction to kick.


SO that's about it for me today :) have a good day and drink a beer or two