So being away from my hubby has finally gotten to me enough that I had to go visit him.  I went on a 8 hour drive to see him, Hug him and kiss him.. I drove 8 hours for a BOOTY call LOL

It was worth it!

I feel bad that I left my three kids with  my mom and dad.  EVEN worse my sister rode with me… so mom and dad had to keep Melanie too. 


I'm happy that I had her go with me that drive is really really long.

During the day Tiff and I were free to do what we wanted.  My hubby couldn't get time off during the days.  I was sad but knew that might be a problem.

We went to the aquarium

 IMG_2758 IMG_2773 IMG_2784 IMG_2789 IMG_2794

clowning around!

IMG_2813 IMG_2814IMG_2820 Went to the beach and walked around a bit. i have this strange issue with noticing the colors of sand.  This one was black-ish which was cool Never seen one like that personally



That was the first day…

The second day we went to the Natural History museum..

They had the awesome exhibit called Body world.. OMG its amazing and you cant take pics but here  is a link so you can see what it is..


IMG_2877 IMG_2872 IMG_2873 IMG_2875

If you Ever get a chance to see San Diego.. GO!!  It was amazing I was surprised at how pretty everything was.  I never once saw graffiti which amazed me to no end in a City so large.   The museums are all in a place called BALBOA PARK its amazing!  There are tons of things to do there.   More piccys here..

I really fell in love with that area.  I didn't get to se as much as I wanted to but cant wait to go back in July and pick up my husband!  We are going to take a few days to do fun stuff as a family then. 

The trip home was bitter sweet.. I was happy to get home to my kids; but so, so heart broken that I didn't get to bring my husband home.   These past few months have been very hard and I couldn't stand it any longer I had to see him.  I broke down crying that I didn't take ONE picture of us together.  I was Heart broke at the thought.  I miss him even more now that I got to see him.  Im really thinking of packing everything up and putting it in storage to go live with him till July.  I know July is close but It hurts so badly!