OMG how many of us grew up with that chia pet jingle? I swear they still have the same commercials.. So my middle son Scott has wanted one for a while.. I set out to buy him one.. a Donkey one...Well I don't know about you but I find 19.99 a bit much for a terracotta head you put sprout seeds on.. call me old fashioned but really that could buy my some lovely scrap paper LOL Here is the link if you can't remember what they are..

So I was strolling in the Thrift store and low and be hold my son runs up with a Donkey chia pet! how could I say NO??? It had the seeds and everything.. apparently someone didn't appreciate the awesomeness of this gift..

So I promiced my son Id help him... Here are the pics from tonight and Ill keep you up to date on the exciting details.. lol

oh so excited

2 Tsp of seeds..

1/4 C. of water

Donkey soaking over night..

In 24 hours we get to spread the seeds and wait for the miricle to happen.

So thats been the excitement of my world right now.. but Ill be back to share more in 24 hours