Friday the 27th I Drove with Cousin to Suzy's  It was awesome My card was filled and I got my 10 bucks off woot woot!! I was supposed to be cropping but didn't  do much at all LOL 

I made a Yellow and Blue Button necklace…IMG_2488 and I started this page that I finished today…

IMG_2494  While I was finishing that page I made another page that I've had the idea for in my head a while now…I was cracking up when Scott gave his speech…



We went on Saturday to Arias 7th birthday I cant believe she is .  We had such fun.  It was so nice to be with the cousins and let the kids run wild.

this is David and I… I cant believe how freeking HUGE he is! I had to  twist his arm to take this pic with me LOL


Here is the Birthday girl. 


Markie LOVED the trampoline 

IMG_2421 IMG_2416

Markie Helpin cousin out of the trampoline.. he's so funny


The kids played twister  it was too cute and then the adults did it but I took pics with cousins camera :( I don't have those so I hope she posts them lol



It was so fun.  It reminded me of when I was a kid.  I love family time like this.  I cant wait for our Camping trip!  All the kids and us adults Its going to be a total blast! …