Ok so we did the second part of the chia pet...

Well I didnt know that the seeds soak and it becomes this GROSS seed goop!
I guess its to help the seeds to stick better but OMG those stupid seeds got on everything! as you see here its pretty much snot! UGH

But scott did well and now we wait for it to sprout... that darn thing better sprout!

So I also did two pages as well
The Mojo challenge 31 wehich can be found here http://www.scrapmojo.blogspot.com/

and this using the friendly forest line..

It still sucks my hubby being gone. The boys miss him so much. My heart aches so I cant imagine how bad it its for the kids.

We have been keeping busy with out door fun seeing how the weather has been nice.

Here are some pics from the park today. I hope spring is on its way for you I sure have been enjoying these nice days