and its delivered by UPS... LOL

Yesterday I got my new Cosmo Cricket and Glimmer Mist!!!

Doesn't Cosmo Crickets Snorkel line make you want to Bust out the Flip Flops and take off for a day that lake or beach?

I wish Cosmo would have done more with this hot little number... I adore her and the lovely vintage feel to this chickey..

I have wanted to get my hands on these three colors ever since I saw the previews by tattered angels. Mimosa is a orange with a copper and gold tone shimmer to it looks darker in the bottle but sprays lighter than dreamcsicle..
Dreamcsicle is Yummy it does remind me of the color of those ice cream bars. its a bit more orange and the shimmer is also silvery and some copper glimmer in it too.

Here is a side by side on a white scrap.. the green dot is from a diff bottle of mist that I used and it leaked a bit while shaking it..its not form the Mimosa..You can see the silvery shimmer to dreamsicle

Ok I need some summer pictures to scrap this stuff is so fab!